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Mastering Barbecue


“One of the most complete and comprehensive instructional cookbooks for outdoor cooking I have ever seen, bar none. A full-volume collector cookbook to pass down from generation to generation for cooking in the great outdoors.

“I was extremely impressed by the straightforward layout, detail, and easy reading of Mastering The BBQ. Mike Stines has truly compiled a fantastic BBQ work of art, long-time missing from the shelves of serious cookbook collectors worldwide.

“The collection of BBQ knowledge in this book is astounding…

“This one will definitely go at the top of my list of favorite cookbooks to recommend to cooks all over the world. Very well done.”

David Klose
Owner, BBQ Pits by Klose
Houston, Texas

“I regard this book as a major reference work for the serious barbecuer and griller…

“There are detailed instructions for how to cook brisket, recipes for all the basic rubs and sauces, numerous glossaries that define BBQ terms, and a great section on what to do with pork. I recommend this book with all my barbecued heart!”

James B. O’Malley
Fiery-Foods & BBQ magazine

“If one had to teach a class on the subject – Barbecue 101 perhaps – this is the book from which the class would be taught.

Chili Rubbed Chicken, Page 90

Text Box: Chili Rubbed Chicken, Page 90
“Stines goes to great lengths to cover a lot of information but he’s also very efficient in how he does it. How he crams it all into 158 pages is remarkable. He covers everything: regional styles, choosing your equipment, terminology, all the food groups, food handling safety, brining, spices and herbs, rubs and marinades, barbecue sauces, and more. It’s really amazing how much ground he covers and the detail in which he covers each topic.”

Doug Mosley
National Barbecue News

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